Unlike the Government, the Brexit Party is arguing from a point of principle for a clean break Brexit

12 Oct

Sir John Major recently described the Conservatives as a “Brexit Party Tribute Band”. Ken Clarke pronounced the Conservative Party as “the Brexit Party rebadged”. On her way to the Lib Dems, Heidi Allen complained the Tories had “become Brexit Party Version 2”. Numerous commentators have pointed out that Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings have shifted […]

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…And Teslas for All – the latest plan to break the Brexit deadlock could lead to some interesting opportunities for Northern Ireland residents

12 Oct

Following the meeting between Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar in England this week, hopes have risen for a deal between the EU and the UK over the vexed issue of post-Brexit customs arrangements for Northern Ireland. The previous proposals made by the British government to replace the Irish backstop were that Northern Ireland would align with single market regulations on agri-food, but that Northern Ireland would leave the EU’s customs union, meaning that there would be checks on goods both … Read more

The broad church

12 Oct

Our feather-ruffling Panelbase poll of SNP voters is now almost at an end, with only one further revelation to come tomorrow. So we thought it was worth taking a moment for a little bit of closer examination of just who the respondents were. We know, o…

Obtuse Thought for the morning: What can we learn from the living bridges of Meghalaya?

12 Oct

So here’s a fun (if slightly obtuse) thought for a Saturday morning. I’m really interested in your playful answers although please feel free to take the question as seriously as you feel free enough to do. The living bridges of Meghalaya take generations to compose but they can easily withstand the mega floods of the monsoon and last hundreds of years. Could they be a metaphor for the sort of living human architecture and time scale that that we need … Read more