NI Office and Dept of Finance at odds over the financial package for new Executive

15 Jan

The Northern Ireland Office has announced the new financial package for the new Executive. I did detect when I was up in Stormont on Saturday some nervousness about the exact nature of the commitments that would materialise from the British government and how much would be new money. Today we got our answer £1 billion. Note it’s the not the £2 billion extra as billed, since £1 billion is what we were getting anyway and we don’t know what’s happening … Read more

Megan Fearon and Máirtín Ó Muilleoir are to stand down from the Assembly

17 Dec

Sinn Fein has announced that two of their MLAs will be leaving the Assembly. Former Junior Minister, Megan Fearon from Newry/Armagh and Máirtín Ó Muilleoir from South Belfast, who had served as Finance Minister. Speaking about her departure from the Assembly, Megan Fearon said; “After seven years I have decided to step down as an MLA for Newry and Armagh. “Representing Sinn Féin and the people of South Armagh has been an honour and one that I never took lightly. … Read more

What to look out for next week

6 Dec

It’s nearly all over as Northern Ireland faces its third general election in just four years. As we get ready to head back to the polls, I thought it would be useful to pull together some things for you to look out for For the UK wide picture as soon as it hits 10pm the main networks BBC, ITV and SKY News will publish the results of their exit poll, be cautious about other polls out there! The main exit … Read more

O’Neill “A new Assembly and a new kind of politics in the New Year is what I am working towards.”

16 Nov

From day one at the Sinn Fein address, here is the address from the Vice President, Michelle O’Neill focusing on reforming the Assembly and the Executive. “Sinn Féin remains fully invested in and committed to the Good Friday Agreement. The commitment to a referendum on a united Ireland is within this Agreement. It cannot be cherry-picked. “The Agreement also requires an Assembly that works for everyone. The current political impasse is unsustainable and unacceptable. “For a full decade now the … Read more

Clare Bailey endorses Claire Hanna for South Belfast

5 Nov

Clare Bailey says; These are extraordinary times that demand an extraordinary response. “Almost 70% of the people of South Belfast voted to remain in the EU and its vital that a pro-Remain MP is returned. “This is a first past the post election and Claire Hanna is best placed to take the South Belfast seat from the incumbent pro-Brexit MP based on previous results. “Brexit has been a shambles right from the beginning and chaos has reigned at Westminster ever … Read more

The Democratic Unionist Party will be unable to support these proposals in Parliament.

17 Oct

Statement in from the DUP “Following confirmation from the Prime Minister that he believes he has secured a “great new deal” with the European Union the Democratic Unionist Party will be unable to support these proposals in Parliament. The Democratic Unionist Party has worked since the referendum result to secure a negotiated deal as we leave the European Union. We have been consistent that we will only ever consider supporting arrangements that are in Northern Ireland’s long-term economic and constitutional … Read more

DUP Leader backs recalling the Assembly

15 Oct

Arlene Foster; “We would support this call. Our Assembly team met on Monday and agreed to seek a recall of the Assembly. Our MLAs will return to the Chamber without pre-condition. There are serious matters emanating from the NI (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019 which should be decisions made in Stormont. We urge other MLAs who oppose the extreme liberalisation of our abortion law, to step outside any Party shackles and join us in recalling the Assembly. It’s time to … Read more

New UUP Leader to be elected on 9th November

10 Oct

Robin Swann outgoing UUP Leader
“After consultation with family and close colleagues, I have informed the Party Chairman, Lord Empey, that the process to select my successor should be brought forward.
“The Ulster Unionist Council will meet on Saturday …


Robin Swann to stand down as UUP Leader

30 Sep

Statement just in; Over the last number of months I have been reflecting on my position as leader of the Ulster Unionist Party and the impact it has on my role as a husband and a father. I have concluded that one is taking up the lion`s share of my time to the detriment of the other. It is unfair to my young family to allow this to continue. “It has been an honour and a privilege to lead the … Read more

A case for pro-remain cooperation.

28 Sep

Over the past month we have heard about the impending election that seems to never be coming. Whether it is next year or in a few weeks there has been a debate not just locally but in other parts of the UK about some form of pro-remain cooperation taking place. Now, I know Alliance have ruled this out from their end and that is their right to do so. The Greens, Sinn Fein and the SDLP have expressed some sort … Read more

Michelle Gildernew backs John O’Dowd

12 Sep

From the BBC’s Stephen Walker Ms Gildernew said she believes Mr O’Dowd has the right qualities to become Sinn Féin’s number two. She said: “I think John has the skill-set that potentially we need coming into this next phase of the struggle for Irish freedom and bringing about an Ireland of equals. “That is no disrespect at all to Michelle who I have worked with really well and have an awful lot of time for. “I just think John has … Read more

Ashcroft poll on support the backstop, reunification and party leaders

11 Sep

Lord Ashcroft has released the findings of his poll surveying Northern Ireland voters about their attitudes towards a border poll, the backstop and the various party leaders.  Border Poll He says about this In my poll, 45 per cent said that they would vote to stay in the UK, and 46 per cent said they would choose to leave and join the Republic of Ireland – a lead of 51 per cent to 49 per cent for unification when we … Read more

Arlene Foster “we must engage with those of a nationalist background”

9 Sep

DUP Leader, Arlene Foster spoke at an event titled Vision for Unionism: Beyond 2021. First, we must engage with any, and all, supporters of the Union, regardless of whether we hold fundamentally different views on party, policy or society. Today at this initial event, we talk amongst the DUP, but this is only the opening stage of this work and from this afternoon on, we must go out, talk and listen to other Unionists. We must find areas of common … Read more

Amber Rudd resigns from the cabinet

7 Sep

Exclusive: Amber Rudd @AmberRuddHR today announces that she is resigning from the cabinet and quitting the Conservative Party over Boris Johnson’s “purge” of the party and his “failure” to pursue a deal with the EU.
Read the full story here: https://t…


Civic society groups launch a campaign opposing a No Deal Brexit outcome

2 Sep

Civic society groups from across a range of sectors in Northern Ireland have launched a campaign opposing a No Deal Brexit outcome. The No To No Deal campaign, which already has the support of several trade unions, NGO’s, charities and umbrella bodies, is calling on the UK Government to avoid a No Deal given what they see as the dire consequences of such an outcome for Northern Ireland. The campaign, which launched on Monday 2nd September, is asking civic society … Read more