Henry Hill: Davidson ready to lead next ‘No’ campaign as would-be successors battle over her legacy

Also: Democratic Unionists ‘under pressure’ over Brexit u-turn; and Gove backs Bowie’s criticism of SNP over no-deal preparations.

Conservatives select 13 new candidates as election preparation gathers pace

Former MPs Amanda Solloway and James Davies take another run at their seats as new contenders take up posts across Wales, the West Midlands, and London.

Javid keeps the gold but Johnson and Rees-Mogg fail to medal in our Cabinet League Table

Brexiteers retain their stranglehold on the top of the chart, but there is a general downward drift. Is it a foretaste of what might happen if we fail to leave the EU next month?

Javid, Johnson, and Rees-Mogg hold their podium slots in our Cabinet League Table

The data for this was collected before the Government’s string of Commons defeats – next month’s may look rather different.

Henry Hill: Scottish Nationalists, Democratic Unionists, and Sinn Fein put themselves on a war footing

Also: Holyrood system would not serve the purported aims of Tomkins’ new party; Scottish court rejects bit to block prorogation; and IRA in spotlight over donation.

CCHQ have opened selections for 21 new seats across England and Wales

Two-thirds of this latest tranche come with a caveat that applicants may be deselected if the boundary review goes ahead.

Post-Ruth politics: the battle over her legacy will shape the future of the Scottish Tories

Davidson’s successors must not let recognition of her extraordinary achievements to turn into counter-productive myth-making and a counsel of despair.

Henry Hill: Scottish Government’s own statistics punch fresh hole in the case for independence

It’s GERS day: “When otherwise sensible folk, holding down serious jobs, devise and propagate all manner of conspiracy theories, as well as insult Scottish Government analysts…”

Henry Hill: Wallace rejects amnesty for Ulster veterans, but wants inquiries restrained

Also: Labour’s civil war on Scottish independence deepens; Scottish Government pays Salmond half a million pounds in damages; and more.