BBC Announce Boris-Corbyn Debate

8 Nov

The BBC have announced a live debate between Boris and Corbyn six days before the election. These will take place as well as ITV’s November 19 debate

In addition to the big BBC head-to-head on the 6th, there will also be:

  • A leaders’ Question Time Special – Tory, Labour, SNP and Lib Dem – November 22
  • A further 30-minute Question Time Special – Farage and the Green Party
  • An under-30s Question Time – December 9
  • A post-election Question Time – Friday, December 13
  • All in addition to region-specific debates

Despite also announcing a seven-way podium debate on the November 29, the Lib Dems have announced they will begin legal proceedings against the BBC over their exclusion from the Boris-Corbyn debate on December 6. They’ve already begun them against ITV…

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