The suspension of Northern Ireland’s new abortion regulations under pressure from “pro-life” opinion is fake news of the UK government’s making

9 May

The Irish News story on 8 May THE British government last night withdrew controversial abortion regulations for Northern Ireland before they could be put to the vote in Parliament next week. It means that the regulations put forward by secretary of state Brandon Lewis at the end of March will not now apply. It is understood that the strength of the challenges faced by the proposed legislation, in particular at a Lords select committee, led the government to pull the …

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How Covid-19 is affecting the new laws on abortion…

2 Apr

The COVID19 crisis has brought with it a lot of alarming news, like that of a young woman who tried to take her own life, when refused an abortion at a local hospital, despite abortion now being legal here.  She had been unable to travel to England due to flights being cancelled because of the COVID emergency. The feminist websites that have provided abortion pills for over a decade now report that COVID lockdowns in a number of countries mean … Read more

Why feminism needs to aim above the belt

10 Mar

When I was at university in Brighton, I used to look after two children of primary school age. Brighton being the enlightened place it is, they came home one day excitedly telling me they knew all about sex, men’s things and women’s things. The boy, thankfully, was more interested in when I was going to […]

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DUP’s Paul Givan wrote to AG in June asking if NI Assembly had legislative competence to pass Protection of Unborn Child Act at its sitting on 21 October 2019

21 Oct

Correspondence between the DUP and the Attorney General suggests that the DUP have been planning to bring a last minute Private Members Bill before the NI Assembly using Standing Order 77 for four months. A letter dated 20 June 2019 in June asked the Attorney General to “confirm the Northern Ireland Assembly has the legislative competence to pass the proposed legislation at its sitting on Monday 21st October 2019?”

Now and Then

21 Oct

TW: This article contains references to sexual and domestic violence. On the 24th October 2017, the UK Supreme Court considered Northern Ireland’s abortion laws. The case was taken by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission. In its judgment on the 7th June 2018, the Court found that the Commission did not have standing to take the case but found, obiter, that Northern Ireland’s laws breached Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights. The High Court in Belfast made … Read more

Total Recall: Assembly Edition

20 Oct

Last week 31 MLAs including the DUP, TUV and UUP signed a petition and sent it to the Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly. That petition has led to a recall of the institutions. Tomorrow, the Assembly will sit for the first time since the death of Martin McGuinness. The prospect of the Assembly meeting again has many people raising questions. Can MLAs stop the introduction same sex marriage and abortion reform? Is there any prospect of a government being … Read more