The 75 Conservative MPs who opposed the Prime Minister’s deal

Mostly ERG-aligned Leavers – but roughly ten former Remainers, a core of whom now back a second referendum.

The ERG has roughly 80 supporters.  Despite some defections around the edges, this looks at first glance like a pretty unified ERG vote – since some of the 39 Conservative “defectors” are not associated with the group.

But please note that at least eleven of the rebels were Remainers, not Leavers: Guto Bebb, Damian Collins, Charlie Elphicke, Michael Fallon, Justine Greening, Dominic Grieve, Sam Gyimah, Jo Johnson, Phillip Lee, Grant Shapps and Shailesh Vara.  Bebb, Collins, Greening, Grieve, Gyimah and Johnson Lee are Second Referendum supporters.

We have used Mark Harper’s photo for this piece because the former Chief Whip is an important centre-right bellweather.  He set out his reasoning earlier today.

  • Adam Afriyie
  • Lucy Allan
  • Richard Bacon
  • Steve Baker
  • John Baron
  • Guto Bebb
  • Crispin Blunt
  • Peter Bone
  • Suella Braverman
  • Andrew Bridgen


  • Conor Burns
  • William Cash
  • Rehman Chishti
  • Christopher Chope
  • Simon Clarke
  • Damian Collins
  • Robert Courts
  • Richard Drax
  • James Duddridge
  • Iain Duncan Smith


  • Charlie Elphicke
  • Michael Fabricant
  • Sir Michael Fallon
  • Mark Francois
  • Marcus Fysh
  • James Gray
  • Chris Green
  • Justine Greening
  • Dominic Grieve
  • Sam Gyimah


  • Mark Harper
  • Gordon Henderson
  • Philip Hollobone
  • Adam Holloway
  • Eddie Hughes
  • Ranil Jayawardena
  • Bernard Jenkin
  • Andrea Jenkyns
  • Boris Johnson
  • Gareth Johnson


  • Jo Johnson
  • David Jones
  • Daniel Kawczynski
  • Pauline Latham
  • Phillip Lee
  • Andrew Lewer
  • Julian Lewis
  • Ian Liddell-Grainger
  • Julia Lopez
  • Jonathan Lord


  • Craig Mackinlay
  • Anne Main
  • Esther McVey
  • Anne Marie Morris
  • Sheryll Murray
  • Priti Patel
  • Owen Paterson
  • Tom Pursglove
  • Dominic Raab
  • John Redwood


  • Jacob Rees-Mogg
  • Laurence Robertson
  • Andrew Rosindell
  • Lee Rowley
  • Grant Shapps
  • Henry Smith
  • Royston Smith
  • Bob Stewart
  • Ross Thomson
  • Michael Tomlinson


  • Craig Tracey
  • Anne-Marie Trevelyan
  • Shailesh Vara
  • Theresa Villiers
  • John Whittingdale

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Andrew Gimson’s Commons sketch: Tory MPs fear Bercow is betraying Brexit

The anger expressed on the Conservative benches reflected the anger felt in many a humble home.

Tory MPs came back from Christmas feeling ready to be cross. One could see it in their grumpy faces as they listened to Theresa May, but it was the Speaker, John Bercow, who fanned their anger into a roaring conflagration which took an hour to subside.

It is worth dwelling for a moment on May herself. The Prime Minister looks more and more like a poker player who has been dealt some lousy cards and cannot maintain the pretence that she is feeling confident.

When Jeremy Corbyn asked her if any changes she obtains in Brussels will “be made to the legally binding Withdrawal Agreement itself”, there was a slight tremor in her voice as she began her reply.

And when he remarked that he didn’t hear the words “legal changes to the document” from the Prime Minister, her voice rose as she attempted to retort: “I’ve made it clear to the Honourable Gentleman…”

Nor did those beside and behind her look any more sure of themselves. They too were pale and gloomy. Even Boris Johnson, sitting with his arms folded at the far end of the Chamber, looked pale and gloomy, and thinner than he was.

If Corbyn had any sense, he would have gone on asking, with increasing brevity, about legal changes to the document, for the subject plainly rattled her. But he and his handlers are under the illusion that they should try to ask a number of different questions, instead of exposing the nullity of her answers by pressing again and again on her weakest point.

Her performance did nothing to improve the morale of Tory MPs, but instead reminded them that she is no use as a saleswoman. The more she told MPs the answer is to vote for her deal, the less enamoured of her deal the House felt.

Ken Clarke, the Father of the House, irritated his Tory colleagues by telling May she “has to be flexible on some things”, and asking her to consider delaying or revoking Article 50. That produced angry cries of “No”.

As soon as PMQs ended, Tory Eurosceptics directed a stream of furious points of order at the Speaker for selecting Dominic Grieve’s amendment while rejecting theirs. Mark Francois was beside himself with rage as he accused Bercow of overturning a motion of the House.

Clarke counter-attacked by suggesting that people like Francois “who are getting somewhat over-excited” should perhaps “don a yellow jacket and go outside”.

The Chief Whip, Julian Smith, was on his knee talking to the Prime Minister. He appears to have lost some more of his hair. Perhaps he tore it out while trying to find a way through for her deal.

Stephen Doughty, one of the Labour supporters of the Grieve amendment, accused the Chief Whip of “feverishly briefing journalists in a calculated attempt to undermine” the Speaker’s judgment.

Andrea Leadsom, the Leader of the House and no friend of Bercow, suggested he should publish the advice he received from the Commons clerks. For the general view on the Tory benches was that he had defied that advice.

Bercow naturally declined to do this. There were angry cries of “Publish it!” To describe the Tories as incandescent with rage would be no exaggeration. They feared the Speaker was betraying Brexit by bending the rules in order to allow the Remainers to take back control.

Iain Duncan Smith and others suggested that by allowing the Grieve amendment, Bercow had broken with precedent. The Speaker replied: “I understand the importance of precedent. But…if we were guided only by precedent…nothing in our procedure would ever change.”

He added that he was invariably determined “to stand up for the rights of the House of Commons”. Angela Eagle, from the Labour benches, crowed that “the House of Commons is taking back control”.

Labour and the Scots Nats loved seeing the Tories so confounded, and at times burst out clapping.

Andrew Percy, from the Tory benches, declared that “a procedural stitch-up” was taking place. Crispin Blunt said he was driven to the “uncomfortable conclusion” that among his Tory colleagues there was now “an unshakeable conviction that the referee of our affairs is no longer neutral”.

When the umpire is no longer regarded as neutral, it becomes difficult to accept his decisions as final.

Bercow declared: “I have always done my conscientious best.” There was an odd echo here of Tony Blair after the Iraq War, insisting he had always acted in good faith.

Adam Holloway asked in a fury about the pro-EU sticker in the Speaker’s car. Bercow retorted that the sticker “happens to be affixed to the windscreen of my wife’s car”, and he does not regard her as his chattel.

Perhaps it is a good thing to have all this fear of betrayal bursting out in the Chamber, for it reflects the fear of betrayal found in many a humble home. One cannot pretend it is edifying, but it is representative of the wider nation.

My apologies for filing this sketch late. The computer I was using in the press gallery, perhaps sensing the psychological disturbance sweeping through Westminster, suddenly and irrevocably stopped working.

How MPs say they will vote in today’s confidence ballot

We currently have it at 151 declared for May, versus the 29 who publicly filed no confidence letters.

We’re still counting, but this is our running total for how MPs have declared on tonight’s confidence vote. Divide seems to be between public support for the Prime Minister on the one hand, and radio silence on the other.

In order to get a reliable figure we are checking each Conservative MP, and only including those who have tweeted or retweeted their position or had it confirmed by the press.


  • Bim Afolami
  • Adam Afriyie
  • Peter Aldous
  • Heidi Allen
  • Stuart Andrew (5)
  • Victoria Atkins
  • Kemi Badenoch
  • Harriet Baldwin
  • Steve Barclay
  • Henry Bellingham (10)
  • Richard Benyon
  • Jake Berry
  • Nick Boles
  • Peter Bottomley
  • Andrew Bowie
  • Robert Buckland (15)
  • Karen Bradley
  • Jack Brereton
  • Steve Brine
  • James Brokenshire
  • Alex Burghart
  • Alistair Burt (20)
  • Alun Cairns
  • James Cartlidge
  • Alex Chalk
  • Jo Churchill
  • Colin Clark (25)
  • Greg Clark
  • Ken Clarke
  • James Cleverly
  • Thérèse Coffey
  • Alberto Costa (30)
  • Geoffrey Cox
  • Stephen Crabb
  • Glyn Davies
  • Mims Davies
  • Caroline Dinenage
  • Jonathan Djanogly (35)
  • Leo Docherty
  • Michelle Donelan
  • Oliver Dowden
  • Jackie Doyle-Price
  • David Duguid
  • Alan Duncan (40)
  • Michael Ellis
  • Tobias Ellwood
  • Graham Evans
  • Vicky Ford
  • Kevin Foster (45)
  • Liam Fox
  • Lucy Frazer
  • George Freeman
  • Mike Freer
  • Roger Gale
  • David Gauke (50)
  • Nusrat Ghani
  • Nick Gibb
  • John Glen
  • Robert Goodwill
  • Michael Gove (55)
  • Luke Graham
  • Richard Graham
  • Bill Grant
  • Helen Grant
  • Chris Grayling
  • Damian Green
  • Kirstene Hair
  • Rob Halfon (60)
  • Luke Hall
  • Philip Hammond
  • Stephen Hammond
  • Matt Hancock (65)
  • Richard Harrington
  • Trudy Harrison
  • Simon Hart
  • Oliver Heald
  • James Heappey (70)
  • Chris Heaton-Harris
  • Peter Heaton-Jones
  • Gordon Henderson
  • Nick Herbert
  • Damian Hinds (75)
  • Simon Hoare
  • George Hollingberry
  • Kevin Hollinrake
  • John Howell
  • Nigel Huddleston (80)
  • Jeremy Hunt
  • Nick Hurd
  • Alister Jack
  • Margot James
  • Sajid Javid
  • Robert Jenrick (85)
  • Caroline Johnson
  • Gareth Johnson
  • Andrew Jones
  • Marcus Jones
  • Seema Kennedy
  • Stephen Kerr (90)
  • Julian Knight
  • John Lamont
  • Mark Lancaster
  • Andrea Leadsom
  • Phillip Lee
  • Jeremy Lefroy (95)
  • Oliver Letwin
  • Brandon Lewis
  • David Lidington
  • Jack Lopresti
  • Rachel Maclean (100)
  • Kit Malthouse
  • Alan Mak
  • Paul Masterton
  • Patrick McLoughlin
  • Huw Merriman
  • Maria Miller (105)
  • Amanda Milling
  • Penny Mordaunt
  • Wendy Morton
  • David Morris
  • David Mundell
  • Andrew Murrison (110)
  • Bob Neill
  • Sarah Newton
  • Caroline Nokes
  • Jesse Norman
  • Neil O’Brien
  • Guy Opperman (115)
  • Mark Pawsey
  • John Penrose
  • Claire Perry
  • Victoria Prentis
  • Rebecca Pow (120)
  • Amber Rudd
  • Mary Robinson
  • Antoinette Sandbach
  • Paul Scully
  • Bob Seely (125)
  • Alok Sharma
  • Alec Shelbrooke
  • Keith Simpson
  • Chris Skidmore
  • Julian Smith (130)
  • Nicholas Soames
  • Anna Soubry
  • Caroline Spelman
  • Gary Streeter
  • Mark Spencer (135)
  • Andrew Stephenson
  • Rory Stewart
  • Mel Stride
  • Maggie Throup
  • Kelly Tolhurst (140)
  • Justin Tomlinson
  • Liz Truss
  • Tom Tugendhat
  • Ed Vaizey
  • David Warburton (145)
  • Robin Walker
  • Matt Warman
  • Helen Whately
  • Craig Whittaker
  • Gavin Williamson (150)
  • Sarah Wollaston
  • Nadhim Zahawi


  • Steve Baker
  • Crispin Blunt
  • Peter Bone
  • Ben Bradley
  • Andrew Bridgen (5)
  • Bill Cash
  • Maria Caulfield
  • Simon Clarke
  • Philip Davies
  • Nadine Dorries (10)
  • James Duddridge
  • Mark Francois
  • Marcus Fysh
  • Zac Goldsmith
  • Chris Green (15)
  • Adam Holloway
  • Philip Hollobone
  • Andrea Jenkyns
  • David Jones
  • Andrew Lewer (20)
  • Anne Marie Morris
  • Sheryll Murray
  • Owen Paterson
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg
  • Laurence Robertson (25)
  • Lee Rowley
  • Henry Smith
  • Martin Vickers
  • John Whittingdale (29)


  • Nigel Adams
  • Lucy Allan
  • David Amess
  • Edward Argar
  • Richard Bacon (5)
  • John Baron
  • Guto Bebb
  • Paul Beresford
  • Bob Blackman
  • Graham Brady (10)
  • Suella Braverman
  • Fiona Bruce
  • Conor Burns
  • Rehman Chishti
  • Christopher Chope (15)
  • Damian Collins
  • Robert Courts
  • Tracey Crouch
  • Chris Davies
  • David TC Davies (20)
  • David Davis
  • Steve Double
  • Richard Drax
  • Ian Duncan Smith
  • Philip Dunne (25)
  • George Eustace
  • Nigel Evans
  • David Evennett
  • Michael Fabricant
  • Michael Fallon (30)
  • Mark Field
  • Mark Garnier
  • Cheryl Gillan
  • James Gray
  • Justine Greening (35)
  • Dominic Grieve
  • Sam Gyimah
  • Greg Hands
  • Mark Harper
  • Rebecca Harris (40)
  • John Hayes
  • Eddie Hughes
  • Ranil Jayawardena
  • Edward Leigh
  • Scott Mann (45)
  • Douglas Ross
  • Derek Thomas
  • Ross Thomson