The Agriculture Bill is radical, but it may not be enough to sustain smaller British farms

22 Jan

A new focus on environmental stewardship and animal welfare in the Agriculture Bill has pleased some conservationists. But British farmers will probably now have to compete on price with agribusinesses in the US. Richard Byrne (Harper Adams University) asks whether the new subsidies will be enough to keep smaller UK farms afloat. The long-awaited Agriculture … Continued

What does agriculture need from Brexit?

25 Nov

This could be a very short article because, if I were to answer the question in the title with one word, it would be: certainty. And knowing that the public probably feel they have heard enough from politicians in recent months, I am tempted to leave it there. However, the question of what agriculture needs […]

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What Northern Ireland needs to do to decarbonize its economy

28 Sep

Following from the speech given by environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg at the UN General Assembly in New York this week, there has been a significant amount of discussion about the failure to respond to the world’s unfolding climate crisis. Northern Ireland contributes to greenhouse gas emission to a much greater extent than its small size would suggest. The charts at the top of the page show Northern Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 to 2017, compared with the target of … Read more

A no-deal Brexit would be very tough for farmers – but will the public sympathise?

23 Sep

Upland farmers face losing more than a third of their income in the event of a no-deal Brexit, says Richard Byrne (Harper Adams University). In the past, some farmers have taken direct action when government and supermarket policies have threatened their income – but given the (albeit limited) financial support they can expect to receive, they may find it harder […]

Numerous checks on livestock already occur in Northern Ireland – but no additional border checks need be required post-Brexit

17 Sep

Imagine that I am a sheep farmer specialising in breeding, selling and exporting lambs in Armagh, Northern Ireland. I also buy lambs from local farms and markets, consolidating them into batches with my own lambs and arranging transport for the export to external markets. I export approximately 400 lambs every 2 days (an average of […]

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Does New Zealand provide Brexit lessons for Britain?

10 Sep

What lessons does New Zealand provide for Brexit Britain? Hamish McDougall (LSE) argues that while parallels between New Zealand and Britain in the event of no-deal Brexit are tenuous, New Zealand’s approach to free trade remains a relevant historical case study. Insights into a no-deal Brexit can be found, of all places, in 1970s New Zealand, according to a recent Bloomberg news article. This […]

Johnson and Trump eye US-UK trade deal ‘within a year’

25 Aug

BIARRITZ, France — U.S. President Donald Trump wants a trade deal with the U.K. by the summer of 2020, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said following their meeting at the G7 summit. Acknowledging that a 12-month timetable for a post-Brexit pact with Washington was “very fast,” Johnson nevertheless said he’d “love to” to deliver an […]