Worst UFC injuries of the decade: Alistair Overeem’s lip to Anderson Silva’s leg break and Jon Jones’ toe

29 Dec

In a promotion hosting the world’s more skilled fighters, someone will get hurt. These men and women are capable of inflicting serious damage on their opponents and on several occasions in the past decade, the UFC octagon has been a frightening place. While serious injuries are few and far between, there has still been some […]

The best UFC knockouts of the decade: Conor McGregor on Jose Aldo, Jorge Masvidal on Ben Askren and Holly Holm on Ronda Rousey

24 Dec

The sight of a fighter’s head bouncing off the canvas can stun a sold out arena into complete and utter silence. Since its inception back in 1993, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has witnessed some of the most brutal knockouts in mixed martial arts history. This past decade has seen both the standard of fighters and […]