WATCH: The deal and the DUP. Hammond: “This isn’t about money.”

But the Chancellor suggests that there will be more money for Northern Ireland and other places in the Spending Review.

WATCH: Allen and Berger asked to explain what The Independent Group stands for

Marr tries to probe traditional areas of policy difference between the Tories and Labour, and is told they want to “coalesce around the evidence”.

WATCH: “We’re not fast enough” to tackle anti-semites in the Labour Party, McDonnell concedes

He argues for training and rehabilitation of racist Party members as well as expulsions.

WATCH: Wright on regulating social media firms – “I’m not asking their permission”

The Culture Secretary says he “hopes” to be talking directly to Mark Zuckerberg.

WATCH: Brokenshire – a meaningful vote will take place by February 27

That’s the latest Government timetable for a significant say by the Commons on what happens next.

WATCH: “It remains our policy” to keep the possibility of a second referendum in play, says Watson

He claims that “I could repeat the mantra of what our policy is” over and over again.

WATCH: Austria’s Foreign Minister takes Tusk to task – “I don’t believe in Hell”

Karin Kneissl seeks to soothes ruffled feelings by quoting Satre: “Hell is the other”

WATCH: “The backstop…isn’t going to change”, says Coveney

Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister is blunt: “We have already agreed to a series of compromises.”