DUP Conference – subdued members reminded that NI has new identities that need space to grow and prosper #dup19

26 Oct

The DUP conference included multiple references to ‘next generation unionism’. The days of Union Flags being left on delegates’ seats to be waved with proud fervour during the leaders’ speech now seem to be over. Shouts of “for she’s a jolly good fellow” have also been banished, along with Willie McCrea’s singing from the front. The conference is now more sober in its organisation, as is the mood.

DUP Leader backs recalling the Assembly

15 Oct

Arlene Foster; “We would support this call. Our Assembly team met on Monday and agreed to seek a recall of the Assembly. Our MLAs will return to the Chamber without pre-condition. There are serious matters emanating from the NI (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019 which should be decisions made in Stormont. We urge other MLAs who oppose the extreme liberalisation of our abortion law, to step outside any Party shackles and join us in recalling the Assembly. It’s time to … Read more

Arlene Foster and Leo Varadkar must do business together on Brexit after last night’s ice breaker

19 Sep

The most important thing that Arlene Foster has just done is to talk to Leo Varadkar for the first time in ages. This was a meeting that was apparently kept under wraps until it had happened.  Only a short time before, the Dublin government were saying they were hoping for as meeting “soon.” This brief encounter at last opens up the possibility of genuine north-south cooperation to help hammer out an agreement on the border – and perhaps the Assembly … Read more