Ya Dancer

11 Jan

“The problem is the combination of Calvinism and Catholic guilt prohibits Scottish people from truly freeing themselves into the sort of unrestrained joy that would lead to real revolt…”

Friday 13th December 2019

20 Dec

They call it ‘the cold moon’ but no, we can’t blame this belter of a December moon for the deep-freeze skudding through hearts, sinking them fathoms low to a lobotomised deep, where it feels okay to vote against empathy, compassion, hope. This full col…

Looping the Thread

9 Nov

One of the most enduring sounds from my childhood was the drone of my grandmother’s Singer sewing machine. As I sat watching the television, I’d be dimly aware of the comfortable hum of the needle coming from the ‘wee’ bedroom of her council house, whe…

Accordion Crimes

28 Sep

Our new weekly feature offers up some of the best new music from Scotland. To kick us off we have the extraordinary debut album by Leith-based Callum Easter who’s with the Pictish Trails anarchic micro-label Lost Map Records (dedicated to “…

Dead Women Count

21 Sep

She counts murdered women. Not women wiped out in warzones by bullets and bombs, nor the 63 million missing in India – Rita Banerji keeps count of them. Nor is she counting the Korean Comfort Women, piecing together what’s left of their bones fro…