Austerity is to blame for the result of the general election, but so is nationalism

18 Dec

Labour’s electoral defeat falls in between the Leave and Remain ideological poles, writes Raluca Bejan (St. Thomas University). She explains that while austerity is partially to blame for the result of the recent general election, so is the nationalist, anti-immigrant rhetoric that pervades British society.  The results of last week’s general election in the United … Continued

What are the economic forces polarising the UK?

9 Dec

Economic performance varies widely between different places in the UK, writes Henry G. Overman (LSE). There is a broad North-South pattern, but also substantial variation within those areas. In some measures, the performance gap has widened since the financial crisis. Austerity too reduced redistribution and so it is partly responsible for the recent widening of spatial … Continued

Brexit is no right-wing coup, but the means of escaping the EU’s neo-liberal economics that are harming our planet

26 Oct

The mainstream media, New Labour, the Yellow Tories and the Establishment would have you believe that Brexit is somehow a right-wing coup. These siren voices of the Establishment want you to forget that we had a “once in a lifetime” (former Prime Minister David Cameron) referendum that produced a clear result. The biggest single vote […]

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Long read: the makings of Brexit and the road ahead

23 Oct

On the cusp of the UK’s exit from the EU, Philip Rycroft (Bennett Institute, University of Cambridge) reflects on his seven years at the centre of the UK government to ask how we reached this point in the country’s history. In a lecture delivered on 3 October 2019 in Cambridge, he examines the underlying causes of Brexit and the political […]

Long read: Debunking myths on links between austerity and Brexit

17 Oct

Thiemo Fetzer (University of Warwick) addresses the misunderstandings and the criticisms of his widely-read 2018 paper “Did Austerity Cause Brexit?”. In August 2018 the Guardian Politics liveblog featured the headline: “Brexit is direct result of austerity and cuts like bedroom tax, research suggests.” The blog contained a set of graphs and paragraphs from his paper, which has since been accepted for publication in the […]