Should we rescue the aviation industry?

18 May

After the lockdown, the bailouts. Crisis-hit industries already have their begging bowls out — and governments are frantically working out how much to give them and what to ask for in return. In most cases ministers have no choice but to do what it takes. If they let, say, Transport for London go down the […]

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How travel narrows the mind

14 May

This morning I received an email from Ryanair, describing the precautions they have put in place to deal with Covid-19. Far from reassuring, these precautions indicate what an even more miserable business flying is going to become. On top of all the usual indignities of flying — the cramped conditions, the endless waiting around in […]

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The things we do for growth

2 Apr

Week one of lockdown in the UK was also the first week of Spring — and this year it felt like it, weather-wise. There was something special about the sunshine. Not a mere winter’s end, but a quality of light that struck me as out of the ordinary. It could be just my imagination. These […]

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Leo Varadkar warns Brexit will haunt UK even after it leaves EU

5 Sep

The U.K. will not achieve a “clean break” Brexit and deep division over the EU will dominate British politics for “many years to come,” Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar told a business audience in Dublin Thursday. “The story of Brexit does not end if the United Kingdom leaves on 31st October or even January 31st […]