We interrupt our usual morning editorial to make a public service announcement

8 Apr

We break from our usual Fleet Street-length morning ToryDiary to make a public service announcement.

Nineteen people have died in the UK after receiving the AstraZeneca anti-Covid vaccine, although it isn’t clear what the cause of death was in all these cases.

Fourteen of these 19 cases had a specific type of blood clot that prevents blood from draining from the brain.

According to the Medical Health and Regulatory Agency, this is equivalent to around four people in a million getting such a clot – so, if one scales down, one in 250,000.

The British Medical Journal’s risk explainer says that you’re just as likely to die in your home, if you take the vaccine for the first time, as a consequence of it being struck by a crashing airplane.

As for taking it a second time, there have been no reports of the type of blood clots in question after those who’d had a first dose of the vaccine received another.

The next few weeks will be a test of a) the responsibility of media reporting and b) the common sense of the British public.

(Hat-tip: Politico’s London Playbook.)