Henry Hill: Davidson ready to lead next ‘No’ campaign as would-be successors battle over her legacy

Also: Democratic Unionists ‘under pressure’ over Brexit u-turn; and Gove backs Bowie’s criticism of SNP over no-deal preparations.

Neil O’Brien: Fifty shades of conservatism

It’s a bit like the roof of Parliament’s Westminster Hall: which is held up by a lot of huge, ancient beams all resting on each other.

Lord Ashcroft’s Conference Diary: Could Tory MPs be whipped to vote that they don’t have confidence…in their own Government?

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Plus: We Conservatives have a chance to unite, but don’t take an election win for granted. And: the radicalism of Gavin Williamson.

Andy Street: As our own conference approaches, our activists are setting MPs an example to follow

Unity of purpose requires debate, compromise and ultimately putting collective interest above self- interest.

Neil O’Brien: How to rebalance Britain’s unbalanced economy – by levelling up, not levelling down

Ever since the EU referendum, there’s rightly been renewed focus on how to help poorer places. Helpfully there is decades of evidence about what does and doesn’t work.