Great expectations? A US-UK trade deal will most likely disappoint

13 May

The great fanfare around the US-UK trade agreement creates expectations that almost certainly will not be met, argues Dalibor Rohac (AEI). While the Trump administration is looking for an easy deal and a symbolic gesture, it stands little chance of getting through the current House of Representatives, or being upheld by a Biden White House. Negotiating … Continued

Brexit to China? If forced, London will choose Washington over Beijing

22 Apr

What is the prospect of a UK-China trade deal after a no-deal Brexit, ask John Ryan (LSE)? Johnson will have to choose sides when the US-China trade confrontation resumes – an accord with one may mean discord with the other. In the end, however, the US-UK relationship is destined to be more “special” than the UK-China one. … Continued

Is coronavirus Boris Johnson’s get out of jail card on Brexit?

10 Apr

Economic activity worldwide, as well as in the UK, has slowed down almost to a stop. The proclamations that non-EU countries were queueing up to sign advantageous trade deals with Britain to replace commerce with the continent now ring hollow as governments everywhere imposed draconian controls on the movement of people and goods in addition to … Continued

The pandemic is exposing the weaknesses of populism

1 Apr

The Covid-19 pandemic may be exposing the weaknesses of populism. We should not be complacent, however, as authoritarianism is the real problem, warns Daphne Halikiopoulou (University of Reading). Covid-19 has already infected over 700,000 people worldwide (at the time of writing). Its exponential spread has placed national health systems under severe strain, it has closed borders, … Continued

One down, many to go? European disintegration after Brexit

23 Mar

Since January 2020, the UK has ceased to be a member of the EU. For the first time, an entire country has voluntarily left the bloc. Negotiations have started on the relationship between the UK and the EU after the current transitional period. But what about the current EU member states? Will some of them … Continued

Long read | Brexit opens up a Pandora’s box of security, defence, and foreign policy issues

17 Mar

Brexit opens a Pandora’s box of security, defence, and foreign policy issues. Cornelia-Adriana Baciu (Johns Hopkins University) argues that the UK’s future global position will depend on a series of factors: international cooperation in the defence industry, the UK’s internal security (Northern Ireland), the country’s future commitments to European security and foreign policy (CSDP/CFSP) and NATO.  Future relations … Continued

Brexit will affect, but not determine, the EU’s roles in a changing world arena

4 Mar

What effects might Brexit have on the EU’s capacity to play an effective role in the world arena, asks Michael Smith (University of Warwick)? The Withdrawal Agreement suggests that both the UK and the EU will have to reassess their global roles and their discourses of globalism, but whereas for the UK this is an existential … Continued

Defending liberalism is not enough

2 Mar

‘Democracy crisis’, ‘illiberalism’, ‘authoritarian regression’, ‘executive takeover’. The dark political mood in Europe has generated its own language in recent years. In the corridors of power, there is often a strong agreement on what needs to be defended: liberalism, the rule of law, judicial independence, free media, and individual rights. In other words, across the … Continued

The EU’s post-Brexit policy on euro clearing explained

17 Feb

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU has reignited concern about the long-standing ‘tug of war’ over the clearing of euro-denominated instruments – first and foremost, derivatives. Scott James (KCL) and Lucia Quaglia (University of Bologna) explain the EU’s post-Brexit policy on euro clearing. Clearing is the process by which a ‘clearing house’, also called a ‘central counter … Continued

Britain needs friends in the post-Brexit era. Alienating EU allies would be counter-productive

10 Feb

Amid the posturing about trade, the fact that Britain no longer has a voice in the EU has gone largely unremarked. N Piers Ludlow (LSE) warns that alienating European allies by talking tough risks harming the UK’s soft power and long-term interests. At the heart of Edward Heath’s speech winding up the so-called ‘Great Debate’ … Continued

Ten acts of gross British misgovernment since 1945

28 Jan

As the UK leaves the European Union, Philip Allott (University of Cambridge) reflects on ten occasions when Britain has badly misjudged and mishandled challenges to its hegemony – both internal and external – and traces the cause to the dominance of the executive branch. An alternative British political history since 1945 could focus on a remarkable … Continued

Steven Mnuchin: US ‘focused’ on clinching UK trade deal this year

25 Jan

The United States is “focused” on striking a trade deal with the U.K. by the end of the year, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Saturday. “The U.K. is our most important relationship … it’s a very strategic relationship,” Mnuchin said in an interview at a Chatham House event, where he reiterated that the U.K. remained “top of […]