‘Get Brexit done’: Johnson’s election win won’t allow the EU to move on from Brexit

8 Jan

Boris Johnson’s victory in the United Kingdom General Election has been welcomed in the European Union for the ‘clarity’ it is said to bring to the question of Brexit. However, the only certainty at this point is that, from early this year, the UK will no longer be represented in EU institutions. As Ferdi De Ville and Gabriel … Continued

Austerity is to blame for the result of the general election, but so is nationalism

18 Dec

Labour’s electoral defeat falls in between the Leave and Remain ideological poles, writes Raluca Bejan (St. Thomas University). She explains that while austerity is partially to blame for the result of the recent general election, so is the nationalist, anti-immigrant rhetoric that pervades British society.  The results of last week’s general election in the United … Continued

How important are the parties’ Brexit pledges to voters?

9 Dec

Is this really the ‘Brexit election’, or do voters care as much (if not more) about other issues? Heinz Brandenburg (University of Strathclyde), Fraser McMillan (University of Glasgow) and Marcel Hanegraaff (Universiteit van Amsterdam) tested the relative importance of Brexit vis-a-vis health, education and the environment. They found that Labour supporters are less attached to ensuring … Continued

It’s ridiculous! The disarray of our fiscal system leaves voters short-changed

6 Dec

Our fiscal policies are in disarray, and this will leave voters short-changed. Jagjit S. Chadha (NIESR) explains that fiscal policy planning has just taken a huge retrograde step with the delay in a budget, spending plan and official economic forecast. Furthermore, he argues that whatever government we end up with is unlikely to reach its … Continued

What the 2019 SNP manifesto says about Brexit

27 Nov

The SNP’s 2019 manifesto, ‘Stronger for Scotland’ has been published today, and features a photograph of the Party’s Leader Nicola Sturgeon, stood behind a “Stop Brexit” lectern, so it comes as no surprise to see that the key line in the document states that the Party wants to “escape from Brexit,” and backs a second […]

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What the 2019 Plaid Cymru manifesto says about Brexit

27 Nov

The Plaid Cymru General Election 2019 manifesto, ‘Wales, it’s us.’ has been published, and the key message on Brexit is: “Plaid Cymru has long campaigned for a People’s Vote to end the Brexit crisis, to safeguard Wales’s place in Europe and the thousands of jobs that depend upon our EU membership.” Regarding Boris Johnson’s deal, […]

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Political fortunes and public spending plans: the UK in a European context

27 Nov

Labour is trailing in the polls and its manifesto has been attacked for profligacy. But the polls are a poor guide to the election outcome, as Theresa May’s ratings in 2017 show – and Labour’s spending plans are roughly in line with those of Germany, writes Danny Dorling (University of Oxford). The polls tell us … Continued

Daniel Hannan: £1 million? £1 billion? £1 trillion? McDonnell is relying on you not knowing the difference.

27 Nov

Labour is banking on our innumeracy. I don’t say that they are taking us for fools. Plenty of clever and educated people can’t process numbers on that scale.

David Gauke: Labour struggling. The LibDems not cutting through. The Conservatives winning by default. My take in this unusual election for me.

25 Nov

We are on course for a WTO Brexit at the beginning of 2021. Given the opinion polls, the media’s attention would be best focused on the implications of such an outcome for the country.

What the 2019 Conservative manifesto says about Brexit

24 Nov

The Conservatives’ General Election 2019 manifesto, “Get Brexit Done and unleash Britain’s Potential” has been published today, and as expected, Brexit is a main feature, with an emphasis on what can be achieved in other domestic policy areas, once the UK has left the European Union. The key line of the Conservatives’ manifesto on Brexit is: […]

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