Gove’s Top Gear

26 May

Michael Gove was in the driving seat of the government’s operation to defend Cummings this morning, via a lap of the media circuit. His usually smooth ride stalled, however, when he found himself having to u-turn while claiming he, like Cummings, had driven to test his eyesight. He applied the breaks just in time to […]

Tired and Emotional Lockdown Politics

25 May

Working from home is inevitably taking its toll on some people, some more so than others. Wisbech Town Council’s latest meeting became somewhat of a carry-on when Councillor Andy Maul virtually arrived six minutes late, seemingly very inebriated, shouting out nonsense throughout the meeting, apparently falling asleep, all before lighting up a cigarette. It’s like PMQs meets […]

Kevan Jones’ Lockdown-Flouting Centenary Celebration

19 May

As Labour marshal their arguments about the past guidelines for care homes and the risks to old people whilst portraying the new looser lockdown rules as confusing or incomprehensible to ordinary people, Guido reckons it might be a good idea for them to get their own house in order. Footage from before Boris announced the […]

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Covid-19 and Public Spending

18 May

The coronavirus has seen the government commit to unprecedented levels of peacetime debt. In tonight’s Definite Article from the IEA, Director General Mark Littlewood is joined by Tom Clougherty, Head of Tax at the Centre for Policy Studies, Matthew Lesh, Head of Research at the Adam Smith Institute and IEA Economics Fellow Julian Jessop to […]

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