Opinion on a border poll ” on a knife edge” – the latest from The Detail

24 Feb

Here we go again.  Just a bit of cross posting here to draw attention m to a special edition of The Detail, about a border poll. The comment is based a Lucid Talk opinion poll conducted north and south, showing opinion “ on a knife edge” –   46.8%  to stay in the UK and 45.4 % for a United Ireland. The disparity now among three polls in succession can partly be accounted for by different methodology, this one on line, … Read more

Fraught Anglo-Irish relations are about to get tenser

18 Feb

Leo Varadkar was attacked by some Brexiters for ‘anti-British’ rhetoric. Patrick Holden (University of Plymouth) finds that Varadkar’s language was no more emotional than that of his predecessor, Enda Kenny, though he was more outspoken about the contradictions of the British position. If Sinn Féin now enter the Irish government, Anglo-Irish tensions may continue to rise. … Continued

Sinn Fein deserve their chance to satisfy the huge expectations their victory has aroused

11 Feb

Let’s stand back. With just one seat fewer than Fianna Fail but with quotas to spare, Sinn Fein’s claim to have gained the moral advantage has credibility in spades.  Another reading is just possible. The two centrist parties outnumber them by rather less than 2 to 1. Twice in France the  right and left  united to defeat the far right, once by joining together and last time by forming a new political party to achieve the desired result.  But France … Read more

Irish Futures

10 Feb

As huge swathes of British media struggle to understand either the forces behind the rise of Sinn Féin (or even the electoral system itself), we try and make sense of the election by listening to Irish accounts of the vote.  To get a sense of the scale…

Ten acts of gross British misgovernment since 1945

28 Jan

As the UK leaves the European Union, Philip Allott (University of Cambridge) reflects on ten occasions when Britain has badly misjudged and mishandled challenges to its hegemony – both internal and external – and traces the cause to the dominance of the executive branch. An alternative British political history since 1945 could focus on a remarkable … Continued

The Irish Government now ought to prioritise securing a swift UK-EU Free Trade Agreement

9 Jan

Following the expected ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement by the new Parliament in London and the European Parliament, almost immediately the issue of the longer-term trade and economic relationship will come into focus. The issues, which dogged the withdrawal discussions, will again re-emerge. This is especially true in relation to the Irish border. It is […]

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How Boris Johnson helped change Leo Varadkar’s attitude to Brexit

16 Dec

People, not policies, win elections, and last week’s general election in the UK was no different. Boris Johnson’s clear message won over the British electorate, allowing him to win a majority at Westminster. With this majority comes cause for celebration on both sides of the Irish Sea. This was evident from Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s coast-to-coast […]

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The Protestant churches are becoming more anti gay but hoping to conceal it by silence . It won’t work

27 Nov

Alf McCreary has contributed a column of church news for the Belfast Telegraph for many years which by and large has taken the orthodox view of the place of Christianity and the  churches  in Northern Ireland without entirely ducking  the many controversies within them. In the Irish Times Alf has just written a critical opinion piece on the state of the long lasting controversy about gender equality that has been wracking the Protestant churches ever since the first appointment of … Read more

The party leaders are losing control of the election debate

26 Nov

Almost single handedly the BBC interviewer Andrew Neil is exposing the thinness of the  main party leaders arguments – even those of  the normally poised and practiced Nicola Sturgeon. who was rattled as never before.    A minority Labour government would not need to be the SNP’s suitor – the SNP have nowhere else to go. A second referendum overturning the result of the first would deprive her of her best argument for Indy Ref 2. Would the EU welcome … Read more

How to halt the vexacious legal pursuit of our brave servicemen and women

11 Nov

Lord Caine has projected a plan that would allow proceedings into suspected Troubles-related offences only if certificates are issued by senior legal figures.