Are humans heading for the knacker’s yard?

4 Mar

In A World Without Work, Daniel Susskind asks a very important question: “will there be enough work for everyone to do in the twenty-first century?” “No”, he answers — the threat of technological unemployment is now real. Susskind isn’t the first to write a robots-will-replace-you book. He won’t be the last. But he does set […]

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New Economy – for better or for worse?

6 Oct

The ‘delivery centre’ is a uniquely 21st century project and another manifestation of how technology has radically changed the global economy. Delivery centres have been set up in nearly every industry, as I am part of the legal services industry, I have experienced most of them there. In his book ‘Tommorrow’s Lawyers,’ Susskind describes nearshoring as being: “…[s]imilar to off-shoring but the work is carried out in a neighbouring, low-cost jurisdiction that is in a closer time zone to the … Read more