We don’t need ‘gotcha’ journalism now

3 Apr

We live in the age of the omniscient anchor. Not that the news-frontmen and women are really omniscient, of course, but in Britain and (even more so) in America there is a type of presenter who is held up — and certainly held themselves up — as though the world and everything in it was […]

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Soapbox – Northern Ireland journalists, do yourselves a favour: don’t call yourself a peace journalist

31 Dec

SOAPBOX: Academic Steven Youngblood suggests that the term ‘peace journalism’ is getting in the way of promoting and practising the principles of good, socially responsible journalism that are at the heart of the oft-disputed concept. He outlines six principles and asks whether NI journalists and journalism academics agree.

Lies and democracy: Who are the truth tellers?

9 Dec

Lies and democracy: Who are the truth tellers? by Allan LEONARD 6 December 2019 As part of the annual general meeting of NICVA, the umbrella body of the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland, there was a panel discussion on the topics of truth, trust, and how everyone engages with a bombardment of information. Entitled, “Lies and Democracy: The Fight for the Truth”, BBC Radio Ulster presenter, Seamus McKee, moderated the discussion with panellists Amanda Ferguson, John Barry, and … Read more

The role and responsibilities of media in divided societies. Discuss.

18 Nov

The role and responsibilities of media in divided societies. Discuss. by Allan LEONARD 8 November 2019 A two-day international conference examined the role that media plays in divided societies and in creating more peaceful and stable communities. Organised by the Social Change Initiative in partnership with Conciliation Resources and the University of Edinburgh’s Political Settlements Research Programme, the event was attended by journalists from South Africa, Colombia, Myanmar, Rwanda, Turkey, the Middle East, the Balkans, Kashmir, Somalia, Syria, Nepal, and … Read more