James Frayne: Why a populist programme wouldn’t work for Johnson. Working class voters aren’t values votes.

Middle class hostility to the working class and lower middle class is extremely common, while working class and lower middle class hostility is practically non-existent.

Iain Dale: The Prime Minister. He gets knocked down. But he gets up again.

Plus: Will the 21 rebels get the whip back? And: The Tories need younger members, and so does everyone else.

A UK-US trade deal. Never mind the economics (at least for a moment). Feel the politics.

As with the NHS, policing, immigration and stop & search, so with trade. The Prime Minister will want a quick win – or at least progress towards one.

So we’ve had NHS, policing and immigration plans from Johnson. Stand ready for a schools spending pledge.

He committed during the leadership election contest to raise it to £5000 per pupil – and level up outside London.