What difference are the Unite to Remain and Brexit Party pacts likely to make?

18 Nov

The Unite to Remain alliance means the Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and the Greens are trying to pool their votes to ensure a Remain-backing candidate is elected. But the Brexit Party’s decision to stand down their candidates in Tory-held seats makes this tougher. Heinz Brandenburg (University of Strathclyde) concludes that the overall effect of these pacts will be minimal. Now […]

We need to talk about A/B testing: Brexit, attack ads and the election campaign

13 Nov

With the general election a month away, how are the parties targeting voters on Facebook with messages about Brexit? Tristan Hotham (University of Bath) explains how A/B testing is being used to identify the most effective campaign themes. Political parties using Facebook ads have a powerful capacity to hone their messages. Unlike in the past – where expensive and hard-to-organise […]

How to halt the vexacious legal pursuit of our brave servicemen and women

11 Nov

Lord Caine has projected a plan that would allow proceedings into suspected Troubles-related offences only if certificates are issued by senior legal figures.

Goodbye, Heidi

29 Oct

Guido will miss Heidi Allen as she stands down at the forthcoming election. The soon-to-be former MP has had an interesting four years in Parliament, hopping ship from the Tories to lead the Tiggers, then to be an independent, and then to be a representative for the short lived ‘The Independents’ and finally becoming a […]

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How the Liberals justify their crusade to cancel Brexit

25 Oct

Brexiteers often quip that the Liberal Democrats are neither liberal nor democratic. But this isn’t quite true. The Brexit-blocking party are liberal in the curious modern sense. Where Classical Liberals saw the individual as sovereign and sought to maximise personal freedom, the modern liberals have made a crucial alteration. Far from forgetting about the individual, […]

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