How important are the parties’ Brexit pledges to voters?

9 Dec

Is this really the ‘Brexit election’, or do voters care as much (if not more) about other issues? Heinz Brandenburg (University of Strathclyde), Fraser McMillan (University of Glasgow) and Marcel Hanegraaff (Universiteit van Amsterdam) tested the relative importance of Brexit vis-a-vis health, education and the environment. They found that Labour supporters are less attached to ensuring … Continued

Jo Swinson Wiped from Lib Dem Leaflets

5 Dec

The Lib Dems are experiencing a similar realisation to the Tories’ 2017 campaign; they launched a presidential-style campaign centred around a figure who, the more voters saw her, the less they like her. In initial literature from the Lib Dems, the party was branded as “Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats” with almost every leaflet and advert plastered […]

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Pro-LibDem Front Group in Clear Abuse of Electoral Law

5 Dec

Advance Together has registered as both a political party and a non-party campaign – a clear abuse of the law. The pro-LibDem pretend political party has bragged about this allowing them to effectively double their national spending limit. It appears that Advance Together have fielded five paper candidates to extend their spending limit in five […]

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Election Battlegrounds 10) Wales

4 Dec

Where the Tories have rallied in Scotland, Labour appear to have done so here. There is a broad range of possible Conservative targets, but only a few anticipated gains.

Election Battlegrounds 8) Yorkshire and the Humber

27 Nov

This region contains a sizeable clutch of those crucial ‘Labour Leave’ seats through which the Prime Minister is trying to pave his path to an overall majority.

David Gauke: Labour struggling. The LibDems not cutting through. The Conservatives winning by default. My take in this unusual election for me.

25 Nov

We are on course for a WTO Brexit at the beginning of 2021. Given the opinion polls, the media’s attention would be best focused on the implications of such an outcome for the country.