TV Times

17 Feb

The BBC acts at times like a state broadcaster, it serves Scotland very poorly from the funds extracted from it, its news and current affairs coverage is deeply biased (as witnessed through the independence referendum and through the recent General Ele…

Broadcast Journalism

7 Feb

Federal Communications Commission Handbooks, resources, press releases, bureau/office listings, contact information and more. Radio TV Digital News Association National Association of Broadcasters Broadcast Education Association Studies, news, teaching tools and a huge database of members. National Academy of Television Journalists National Association of Television Arts and Sciences Television News Center Tips, training, etc. VideoLANVLC is […]

The Top 20 Most Read Articles of 2019

1 Jan

Here are the top twenty most read articles on Bella from the last year … 1. A Declaration for Independence, 2019 2. Paying People Properly Will Ruin the Festival says Fringe Boss by Mike Small 3. Highlanders and Billy Boys by Mike Small 4. The Sc…

20 for 2020

1 Jan

Happy New Year. We have plans to expand and develop our content in the year ahead. We outlined our plans here. But we need your help to achieve our ambitions. We are asking people to sign up to £20 a month. That’s £5 a week or less than the price…

Birdman of Pollok/Curaidh na Coille

30 Dec

Birdman of Pollok/Curaidh na Coille, BBC Alba. Curaidh na Coille air a chuimhneachadh air BBC ALBA Tha prògram ùr air BBC ALBA a’ cuimhneachadh air beatha Chailein Mhicleòid a bha aithnichte mar neach-glèidhteachais a chuir iomadh bliadhna seachad a’ s…

The Failure

23 Dec

We got blocked by LBC’s James O’Brien today for very gently and politely challenging him over this tweet: And while this site most assuredly carries no torch for Jeremy Corbyn, it’s a reframing of reality that merits a bit of investig…