Don’t despair. We’ll get through this

26 Mar

Have you recently been able to concentrate on what you’re doing? Have you recently felt constantly under strain? Have you recently been able to enjoy your normal everyday activities? Have you recently felt that you were playing a useful part in things? More importantly do you know anyone who wouldn’t answer “Hell, no,” to every […]

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Northern Ireland’s Mental Health Crisis

8 Jan

We’re in a mental health crisis. It certainly feels like that when five people died by suicide during the Christmas period and mental illness continues to claim the lives of people we love in 2020. There is much to struggle with in these recent deaths. An 11 year old child. Parents of young children. For anyone who hasn’t experienced mental and emotional pain so deep and chronic that it disorders your thinking and twists your reality, such events are utterly … Read more

Doing time: the reality of prison for young men…

29 Oct

Across the UK, reports and inspections have continuously illuminated the ongoing concerns relating to the high levels of violence, self-harm and reoffending experienced by young men in prison, particularly in comparison to their older male counterparts. These issues are exacerbated by the high levels of lock-up and overcrowding all prisoners are subjected to. Within NI, Hydebank Wood Secure College (hereafter Hydebank) is responsible for imprisoning young men between the ages of 18 and 24. This event sets out the findings … Read more