Brexit to China? If forced, London will choose Washington over Beijing

22 Apr

What is the prospect of a UK-China trade deal after a no-deal Brexit, ask John Ryan (LSE)? Johnson will have to choose sides when the US-China trade confrontation resumes – an accord with one may mean discord with the other. In the end, however, the US-UK relationship is destined to be more “special” than the UK-China one. … Continued

Reforming the WTO, part 1: Why world trade rules are looking shaky

20 Apr

‘Going WTO’ in a no-deal Brexit means that Britain would rely on the rules-based World Trade Organisation system. But the WTO is in poor shape, partly due to tensions between the US and China. In the first of a series of posts, Steve Woolcock (LSE) looks at why the organisation has become weakened. Even before … Continued

Brexit has complicated and isolated Germany’s role in the EU

7 Apr

There is only one priority for Germany and the UK right now and that is dealing with COVID-19. The available estimates of the costs of shutdown in the form of lost value-added show that the coronavirus epidemic will cause costs that will probably exceed everything known from economic crises or natural disasters in both countries … Continued