Johnson has defined Brexit. Now it is for the opposition parties to defeat it

21 Oct

Only if the opposition parties accept that Boris Johnson has now defined Brexit can it unite to defeat his deal, writes Phil Syrpis (University of Bristol). Trying to redefine the terms of the deal will exasperate the public and probably end in failure. The path to remain lies in a second referendum or general election. Super Saturday turned out to […]

The Lib Dems are right – revoking Article 50 is a winning proposition

11 Sep

The Lib Dems are right to have promised to revoke Article 50, writes Phil Syrpis (University of Bristol). Revocation would ‘make it stop’ – an appealing proposition for those weary of Brexit and who want to focus on domestic politics. Labour should follow suit. It now looks as though the UK will be heading towards a pre-Brexit general election. Notwithstanding […]

Is Boris Johnson’s Brexit posturing just a power play?

31 Jul

Boris Johnson said the chances of no deal were ‘a million to one’. His government is also actively preparing for it. Phil Syrpis (University of Bristol) argues that the new PM’s true intention is likely to be to hold a general election as soon as possible. The new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has promised that the UK will leave the […]