+++ Labour Reshuffle Live +++

5 Apr

Keir Starmer yesterday began the process of appointing his new Shadow Cabinet. He announced his new top team yesterday, with the lower-ranking, non-Coronavirus-related posts to be appointed throughout the course of today. Stick with Guido for all the updates… Monday ***Starmer releases full cabinet reshuffle*** Angela Rayner, Deputy Leader and Chair of the Labour Party Anneliese […]

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Boris’s New Cabinet in Full

13 Feb

The Government has now released a summary of cabinet appointments so far. Keep up to date with further hirings and firings on our continually-updating live blog… PM: Boris Johnson Chancellor: Rishi Sunak FCO & First Secretary of State: Dominic Raab Home Secretary: Priti Patel Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster: Michael Gove Lord Chancellor: Robert Buckland Defence Secretary: Ben Wallace Health Secretary: Matt […]

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13 Feb

Good morning and welcome to the long-awaited reshuffle day. Sackings begin in Boris’s Parliamentary office at 08.30 and senior ministerial appointments will begin around 10:00. Junior ministerial appointments are expected to start around noon and the intention is to get everything done today. Stay tuned… Friday 20.40: Lord Parkinson appointed a Lord in Waiting 20.40: Baroness Scott appointed as […]

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More Cabinet Reshuffle Rumours

5 Feb

Guido’s article yesterday collating the various speculative mumblings of the reshuffle rumour mill was given more weight than it perhaps deserved, such is the scarcity of hard information. Pretending to know anything for certain based on the mutterings floating around the corridors of the powerless is a mug’s game. MPs were coalescing around the prediction […]

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Reshuffle Rumours Round-Up

4 Feb

Reshuffle day is right around the corner if rumours both inside and outside the Government are to be believed. Boris’s announcement of Cabinet meetings being moved from Tuesday to Thursday threw hacks who tried inferring reshuffle news from it. Unfortunately for the political tea leaf readers, it the sort of change often instigated by PMs. […]

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