Migration: how Scotland hoped to do things differently

21 Feb

Scotland set out its own proposals for a post-Brexit migration regime in January, but they have been rejected. Sarah Kyambi (Migration Policy Scotland) explains how Holyrood hoped to attract migrants to areas suffering from depopulation, and why the Home Office’s proposed salary threshold will make it particularly hard to encourage people to migrate to Scotland. … Continued

You’re So Vain

20 Feb

Despite a two-decade commitment to the principle, the SNP has, so far, failed to achieve gender balance among its elected representatives. There is a sense of a new commitment to the idea, however. Gender balance is customarily seen as an equality issu…

The Population Bomb

5 Feb

Oftentimes, economic performance is used as the primary measure of a country’s success. It would be a good idea for us to stop relying on such measures, if we are to move forward – or even continue at all – as a society and as a species. Another way in…

What would it take for Scotland to rejoin the EU as an independent state?

3 Feb

If Scotland voted for independence, it would probably apply to rejoin the EU. Despite its unique history, it would have to follow the normal path to EU accession, says Anthony Salamone. Scots are not keen on the euro and fisheries would be a flashpoint. While the Scottish government would be well-advised not to seek stall … Continued

Ten acts of gross British misgovernment since 1945

28 Jan

As the UK leaves the European Union, Philip Allott (University of Cambridge) reflects on ten occasions when Britain has badly misjudged and mishandled challenges to its hegemony – both internal and external – and traces the cause to the dominance of the executive branch. An alternative British political history since 1945 could focus on a remarkable … Continued