Yoke Mates of Destruction

7 Nov

The unelected Prime Minister arrived in the country today and began lying and lying. He first claimed that Labour have done a deal with the SNP  and second that they’d hold a referendum next year. Both of these claims are untrue.  He told reporters in …

‘Politicians don’t care about what I have to say’: listening to the children of EU migrants in the UK

1 Nov

What do the children of the EU migrants who moved to Britain think about politics? Daniela Sime (University of Strathclyde) says that although many do not yet have the right to vote in general elections because of their non-British nationality, politicians risk alienating this bloc of future voters unless they reach out to them now. Of the 3.6 million non-British […]

Long read: the makings of Brexit and the road ahead

23 Oct

On the cusp of the UK’s exit from the EU, Philip Rycroft (Bennett Institute, University of Cambridge) reflects on his seven years at the centre of the UK government to ask how we reached this point in the country’s history. In a lecture delivered on 3 October 2019 in Cambridge, he examines the underlying causes of Brexit and the political […]

It’s time to end the constitutional wrangling, back the deal and get Brexit sorted

18 Oct

In politics, every day is not just an adventure, but more than often a journey into the unknown. Every day I, like so many others, wake up and go through my quotidian ritual of checking news apps, which generally swing my mood between the ever-changing highs and lows of deal or no deal; leave or […]

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A Declaration for Independence, 2019

10 Oct

  It is the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of government best suited to their needs. (A Claim of Right for Scotland, 1989)   Guiding principles for a new and better Scotland It is the sovereign right of the Scottish p…

On the March

9 Oct

The maneuverings for a route to independence have in recent times seemed dark and twisted, with too many obstacles in the way. Many activists report burnout and disillusionment: with the movement, with their party (various) or with politics in general….

Còig Bliadhna

5 Oct

Tha saoghal poilitigs air gluasad cho luath seachad air na seachdainean a tha air a dhol seachad bhon sgrìobh mi mu dheireadh – cho luath ‘s gu bheil e a faireachdainn mar gu bheil gu leòr naidheachdan airson bliadhna a lìonadh. Bha beachd no dhà agam …