A Short History of the “L” Word

1 Jan

The American poet Robert Frost was only partly joking when he said a Liberal was definable as ‘a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel.’ Liberals of both (or more) genders have of course historically taken a side: their own. Now that a new decade has begun, and another important anniversary is being marked today, and there are question marks over how much longer liberalism is likely to last, now seems as good a time as … Read more

Spain Sentences Catalonian Politicians For ‘Rebellion’

15 Oct

A fortnight ago, British Remainers were claiming Boris adding four days onto parliament’s conference recess was akin to a dictatorship. Guido has been surprised to see total silence from those same people over an EU State Government using the EU Arrest Warrant to pursue Catalonian separatists for holding a referendum against the wishes of the […]

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The First RTW Trip

20 Sep

Most of us have dreamt at one point or another of going around the world, and in an age of accessible and increasingly affordable air travel we are considerably more blase about it than earlier generations. Exactly five hundred years ago the first attempt at doing this began – though few (if any) of the men involved in it had any notions of doing it to “find themselves”. As with a lot of these ostensibly romantic voyages, it was all … Read more