In the wake of Covid 19 the Orange Order releases plans for a virtual Twelfth…

1 Apr

The Orange Order has been given a £300k grant from the Ulster-Scots Agency for their ambitious plan to create a virtual Twelfth. Due to the Covid-19, all Orange parades have been cancelled. But the Order is hoping to use the latest Virtual Reality technology to give at-home members the experience of parading. The project is the brainchild of Banford Abernathy, founder of PurePet, a company that creates VR systems for training vets. Banford said: Three generations of my family have … Read more

Internet/Tech Tools and News

3 Mar

Tech Republic: 2015 Tech Trends to Watch BackTweets.comSimilar to ConvoTrack, this site tracks how social media is referencing a Web site. You can see what people on Twitter, Reddit, Digg and other online media are saying about your site. Google Fusion Tables PrimerGreat resource for learning maps, charts, etc. from Doug Haddix at Kiplinger/Ohio State. […]