Ten hurdles that Johnson must leap – even if a deal is agreed this week

If it happens, he must not just win but keep the backing of the DUP, Spartans, Labour rebels and as many of the whipless 21 as he can – and stave off a referendum too.

Revealed: The potential route back for some of the 21 Conservative MPs who lost the Whip

An obscure, unused agreement struck by Cameron and the 1922 Committee back in 2006 is set to come into play.

A modest proposal. Let’s put Bercow in charge – and scrap democracy altogether.

It’s time to grasp the real message of the 2016 referendum: that universal suffrage has been a mistake of historic proportions. 

Don’t assume that this Commons will vote for a general election

MPs would thus become the elected equivalents of the welfare scroungers of tabloid legend – dragging the reputation of Parliament even deeper into the mud.

This was the old, cuddly Boris – not the new, Trumpish Johnson – but with a difference. He was remorselessly on-message.

There is a sense with all Johnson speeches that he is somehow parodying a politician making a one – that the whole thing is done tongue-in-cheek.

Javid keeps the gold but Johnson and Rees-Mogg fail to medal in our Cabinet League Table

Brexiteers retain their stranglehold on the top of the chart, but there is a general downward drift. Is it a foretaste of what might happen if we fail to leave the EU next month?

The Supreme Court’s ruling. Why not now go all the way – and let Bercow deliver the Queen’s Speech?

Its verdict fundamentally misunderstands Parliamentary Sovereignty – thus raising big questions about the future of the judiciary and the stability of our constitution.