UK strategy for US trade talks promises to protect NHS, food safety standards

2 Mar

LONDON — The National Health Service “is not, and never will be, for sale,” the U.K. government promised as it unveiled its plan for a trade deal with the U.S. A new document setting out the British negotiating objectives says: “The Government has been clear that when we are negotiating trade agreements, we will protect the […]

UK gives up on financial services chapter in EU trade deal

27 Feb

LONDON — The U.K. has not included demands for a financial services chapter in its official negotiating strategy for upcoming negotiations with the EU, despite former Chancellor Sajid Javid previously suggesting it would. The policy paper published today is aligned with the EU position that trading in financial services would take place on the basis […]

Steven Mnuchin: US ‘focused’ on clinching UK trade deal this year

25 Jan

The United States is “focused” on striking a trade deal with the U.K. by the end of the year, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Saturday. “The U.K. is our most important relationship … it’s a very strategic relationship,” Mnuchin said in an interview at a Chatham House event, where he reiterated that the U.K. remained “top of […]