Should we rescue the aviation industry?

18 May

After the lockdown, the bailouts. Crisis-hit industries already have their begging bowls out — and governments are frantically working out how much to give them and what to ask for in return. In most cases ministers have no choice but to do what it takes. If they let, say, Transport for London go down the […]

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High speed rail to the northwest would help alleviate Dublin’s housing crisis and Ireland’s severe regional inequality

2 Mar

Among the problems facing Ireland in 2020, two of the most pressing are the housing crisis in Dublin and severe regional economic inequality. Far removed from Dublin or any of the prosperous regional hubs such as Limerick, Galway or Cork, incomes in the northwest of Ireland (on both sides of the border) are amongst the lowest on the island. By contrast, despite the buoyant jobs market in Dublin, housing in the capital has become extremely expensive in recent years, with … Read more