Care providers hit by ‘100-fold increase’ in PPE price gouging

21 May

Care providers have warned they are “swimming in shark infested waters” after experiencing a “100-fold increase” in companies offering personal protective equipment at extortionate prices.

Pension funds can divest from Palestinian occupation firms, court rules

1 May

Campaigners in Scotland have welcomed a UK Supreme Court ruling which means council pension funds can divest from firms operating in Palestinian territories occupied by Israel.

Major battle likely over the UK government’s latest Legacy plans.

24 Mar

For those of us who don’t provide an essential service there will be time and energy   to spare for the matters I’ve  already  drawn attention to, such as  the government’s  latest Legacy proposals  produced last week. They abruptly overturned  everything that has gone before, reached after  years of tortuous  gestation and months of consultation,  concluding in July last year. They were contained in a brief statement above the name of the new Secretary of State Brandon Lewis: Reconciliation and information … Read more

How will they square the circle of unfettered access to Northern Ireland ports? Check it out on Tuesday

23 Feb

David Frost ( no, not that one, now deceased) According to the Sunday Times we will know the approach the UK will adopt for the next stage of EU withdrawal in a couple of days, now that the country has left the organisation and we are in the transition phase of less than a year.  The UK government are taking up a position of maximum distance from the EU procedures and laws quite different from the  erratic harder no softer … Read more