Antibacterial Wipes are Sold Out: How to Make Your Own

9 May

Antibacterial wipes have really come into their own lately. With the sudden, intense need to cleanse everything in sight to ensure it doesn’t harbor the dreaded virus, this handy sanitizing product has undoubtedly been featured on many household …

Is the lockdown doing more harm than good?

5 May

We’ve been trapped in our houses for six weeks now. The economy is suffering; so are we. It’s (possibly) affecting our mental health. And people aren’t visiting the NHS for routine – or not so routine – appointments. Lockdown is coming at a cost. Yes, the coronavirus is deadly. But so is the lockdown — […]

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Viral Time

22 Mar

I’ve got all the symptoms of a selfish narcissistic society based on accumulation and waste. You may find yourself coughing up poverty or suffering a fever-dream of insecurity and anxiety. Check yourself for shocking levels of inequality and pers…

Coronavirus, SARS and Flu Resources

31 Jan

EDITOR’S NOTE: The resources on this page are also being archived here. CORONAVIRUS AND COVID-19 RESOURCES Government organizations and data sources World Health Organization: Coronavirus CDC: Coronavirus Situation Summary and Resources CDC: COVIDView – A Weekly Surveillance of COVID-19 Activity CDC: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Map Johns Hopkins Coronavirus […]