Woody Allen’s brilliant betrayal

6 Apr

Woody Allen’s memoir, Apropos of Nothing, has finally appeared; you can read it now. I argued for its publication when Hachette dropped it after a walk-out by its staff, and so I felt I should read it. He is, as he says, a pariah now, stalked by accusations that he sexually assaulted his seven-year-old daughter Dylan […]

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I’m frightened of dying of Covid-19

24 Mar

I’ve been aware since I was diagnosed five years ago that my leukaemia could kill me. My version is chronic rather than acute, so I’ve never had that sudden blind panic of imminent death that a cancer diagnosis can lead to. More of an extended — five year long, so far — musing on when […]

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The idiotic mistreatment of Woody Allen

9 Mar

Who remembers that Woody Allen was a stand-up comic? He told the moose joke. It was a good one. Now he is involved in something unfunny: his memoir A Propos of Nothing, which the US publisher Hachette announced they would publish next month, has been cancelled after staff walked out. “We take our relationships with […]

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