‘Politicians don’t care about what I have to say’: listening to the children of EU migrants in the UK

1 Nov

What do the children of the EU migrants who moved to Britain think about politics? Daniela Sime (University of Strathclyde) says that although many do not yet have the right to vote in general elections because of their non-British nationality, politicians risk alienating this bloc of future voters unless they reach out to them now. Of the 3.6 million non-British […]

Young people and Brexit: the implications for the far-right and Scottish independence

9 Sep

Since the EU referendum, the narrative of an inter-generational divide has emerged, with the country’s older pro-Leave generation thought to be at odds with a younger, pro-Remain generation. Rakib Ehsan (Henry Jackson Society) investigated these intra-generational differences and suggests that failure to deliver Brexit may provide a boost for far-right organisations, but that a disruptive no-deal Brexit has the potential […]

Britain’s young people are anything but a homogenous pro-Remain bloc

7 Sep

Brexit has taught us many things as a country. One of the harsher lessons is that mainstream politicians, along with the media and policy communities, can no longer be trusted to provide an accurate and comprehensive account of why important political events happen.  The Leave result delivered back in June 2016 has greeted by a […]

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