Eddie Hearn watches ‘No Context Hearn’ clips and attempts to add context

8 Nov

Eddie Hearn has exclusively told talkSPORT people now shout at him in the street as a result of hit Twitter page – ‘No Context Hearn’.

The charismatic boxing promoter, who is at the heart of the KSI and Logan Paul rematch, has gone viral in recent weeks with clips of his interviews being cut and posted to be used in jokes across the internet.

Eddie Hearn and Devin Haney were on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast

Hearn is already well known for his role representing some of British boxing’s biggest stars, including Anthony Joshua, but is now attracting a new fan base as a result.

He told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast: “Normally when I walk down the street people shout out, ‘Oi Hearn…’ I won’t say any of those kind of words.

“Now it’s, ‘You’re that geezer – No Context Hearn.’

“So I guess I’ve become a little bit of a viral sensation.

“It’s just embarrassing because I do these interviews with Kugan Cassius – iFL TV – shout out to those guys, and we’re just like pals.

“So we just talk literally like we’re in the pub.

“They’re obviously pulling all these out of context and now it’s gone viral.”

Hearn went on to reveal that he has been contacted by the creator of the account, who asked his permission to continue posting the clips.

Eddie Hearn promotes Dillian Whyte and Anthony Joshua

“It’s on everyone’s feed and if you’re not a boxing fan you have no idea who I am.

“It’s all good fun, you’ve just gotta embrace it. The guy actually sent me a message on Twitter – I think his name’s Andy.

“He’s just some young boxing fan and he’s like, ‘Do you mind me doing this?’

“I went, ‘Mate, crack on, go for it.’”

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