Football Association accused of failing young referees as lessons not learned from Max Ormesher case

14 Jan

The Football Association has been accused of failing young referees after a 14-year-old match official was asked to give evidence about touchline abuse in the presence of the coaches he was accusing.

Ramsey Travers’ case is nearly identical to that of Max Ormesher, highlighted by talkSPORT nearly two years ago.

It has prompted his mother, Ceri Travers, to call for an overhaul in the treatment of young referees.


The cases concerning Ramsey Travers and Max Ormesher bear striking similarities[/caption]

“I was shocked that Manchester FA would put a 14-year-old child in that situation,” she said.

In a statement, the County FA said: “Manchester FA is committed to ensuring that all disciplinary processes allow for a fair hearing to take place, particularly when under 18s are involved.”

On September 8, 2019 Travers claimed he was continually subjected to ‘aggressive’ verbal abuse by two coaches of Brendon Bees Junior Under-12s, as he refereed his first ever match.

After submitting his match report the County FA asked Travers to give evidence against the men in a disciplinary hearing, at which they would be present.

He was told this would be done via video link, but Ceri Travers told talkSPORT: “When I spoke to Ramsey about it he said to me, ‘if they make me do it I’ll give up refereeing’.”

Having been informed the teenager would not take part in the hearing, Manchester FA conducted it in his absence and found the case against the coaches ‘not proven’, meaning they will face no punishment.

Manchester FA has also been accused of failing to obtain statements from witnesses prior to the hearing.

After telling Travers he could be disciplined for not attending, the County FA subsequently chose not to issue a charge.

In a letter to Mrs Travers, seen by talkSPORT, the CFA insisted it followed the Football Association’s national safeguarding and disciplinary procedures correctly.


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Max Ormesher’s father, Graham, added: “I am both shocked and disappointed. The FA gave Max personal assurances that changes would be made.

“Evidently these assurances have not been followed up by action.”

Manchester FA added that it ‘remains committed to ensuring young referees are able to operate in a safe environment’.

Officials at Wembley insist a fair judicial process for all attending a hearing is of paramount importance to the Football Association.

Mrs Travers, an HR executive, oversees complaints procedures between employees.

“We would never, ever put those two people in the same room,” she added. “Yet this is what is happening with County FAs.”

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