#GE2020: And they’re off for the Republic’s first ever Saturday election…

14 Jan

And we have another election, this time it is to be the Republic’s first Saturday election on the eighth of February…

Much of the Dublin papers have been speculating for the last week. Mairia Cahill predicted the 7th on Nolan the day after the UK general election result which is about as close as it gets.

The 8th is a Saturday, the first time a general election has ever been called at an actual weekend (Fridays are the norm). It will also be fought on an old register (the new one comes in on the 15th).

The political press corp is gathering at Aras an Uachtarain in advance of a press conference.

The threatened vote of no confidence may have played a part, but Varadkar has been under pressure to call an election for months now from FG backbenchers who want to get out to defend their seats.

It’s been a rough winter, but the economy is probably his best ally. Brexit is one part eaten bread, and one part trouble to come. The good feeling is more the relief that it feels like it is over (it isn’t, quite).

The polls suggest there is not much in it between the two parties, and any hope of cleaning up the smaller parties in between will likely be balanced out in some level of a Green party surge.

But, after nearly four years of a confidence and supply arrangement between the Republic’s oldest political enemies, it’s a fight that can’t happen quick enough for some.

Note: If you are reading this in the Republic and aren’t sure of your voter status, check voter.ie.

If you’re not on the old register, you can get on the supplementary one which will open shortly after the election is officially declared by President Higgins this afternoon.

Irish General Election 2011 – The Count At The RDS” by infomatique is licensed under CC BY-SA


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