Sadiq Khan Promotes Political Facebook Ads During Purdah

8 Nov

Sadiq Khan is using taxpayers’ money to promote political adverts during the ‘Purdah’ period. Purdah is designed to prevent central and local government from making announcements controversial initiatives.

In promoting the European settlement scheme more widely, and specifically the words “we want European Londoners to stay in the city they call home”, Sadiq’s ads sound suspiciously election-like. They are even tagged as to do with elections or politics…

Using taxpayer money to push a line that Sadiq wants EU citizens to stay is pretty naked electioneering, given that the ads started running on November 1, after Article 50 had been extended. The EU settlement scheme only applies in the event of a No Deal, which no party capable of winning the election is running on. Very cheeky from Sadiqy…

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