Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho defends living in a hotel during Manchester United stint – ‘It was amazing, I didn’t have to cook!’

4 Dec

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho has defended his decision to live in a hotel during his spell in charge of Manchester United – admitting he can’t cook, iron or clean!

The Portuguese returns to Old Trafford for the first time since his December 2018 dismissal when his new club Spurs visit on Wednesday night.

Things are going very well for Jose Mourinho at Tottenham

The 56-year-old received criticism from United supporters for staying at the Lowry hotel in Salford throughout his stint as boss.

Some claimed he showed a lack of commitment to the club by not buying a house in the area.

But Mourinho has defended his choice of accommodation with an amazing explanation – saying he didn’t have to lift a finger, and liked it that way!

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“You know how I would be unhappy? I would be unhappy if I was in a house on my own,” said the Spurs boss, who has returned to living at his family home in London.

“I would have to clean, I don’t want. I would have to iron, I don’t know how to. I have to cook, I would cook fried eggs and sausages – that’s the only thing I can do.

“I would be very unhappy. I lived in an amazing apartment, it was not a room. It was mine all the time.

“It was not like after one week I had to leave.

Jose Mourinho was accused of showing a lack of commitment to Man United by living in a hotel during his spell as manager

“No, it was mine. I left everything there, I had my television, my books, my computer. It was a flat, with, ‘bring me a coffee latte, please’, or ‘I don’t want to go down for dinner, bring my dinner up’.

“I was watching football or doing work with one of my assistants I would ask, ‘bring us food’.

“I had everything, if I was in an apartment alone it would be much more difficult. I was fine, more than fine.”

When Mourinho signed on at Spurs, who he has guided to three wins from his first three games, he also agreed to become part of the Amazon All or Nothing documentary.

But the Portuguese has also revealed that he did some work for streaming rivals Netflix before joining the club.

He said, mischievously taking into his microphone: “But Amazon guys, they cannot know.”

“I’m doing also an episode for Netflix, it’s true. Eight coaches of eight different sports.

“I’ve filmed it already, I don’t know when it comes out.

“My part is done. NBA, F1, tennis, NFL, rugby, not cricket!”

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