YouGov Poll of 11,500 Voters Puts Tories 14% Ahead of Labour

8 Nov

A huge new YouGov poll of over 11,500 voters shows the Tories leading Labour by 14%, with the Lib Dems only 3% behind Corbyn – a result that, if repeated in the election, could see Boris win a three-figure majority.

The poll also shows the SNP are on course for a big win in Scotland, taking 42% of the vote and all but three of the Tories seats. YouGov also sees the Lib Dems beating Labour in their former Scottish heartlands.

In even more dire reading for Corbyn, YouGov polled personality traits for him and Boris, and found the PM’s likeability is 25% higher than Corbyn’s; with the Labour leader ahead in only authenticity, being in touch and honesty.

The enormous start-of-election poll also breaks down regional voting intention, with Labour ahead only in the North East (by 6%), London (by 10%) and Wales (by 1%).

The Brexit Party’s strongest showing remains the North East where they poll 19% – a big problem for the Tories hoping to pick up seats around Middlesbrough. All psephology fans are keeping their eyes peeled for a YouGov seat-by-seat predictor that predicted the 2017 election so accurately…

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